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Can view and perform actions on all selection processes, as well as access platform settings and edit company information..


Features related to User Management:

  • Add New User
  • Bulk Create Users
  • Edit or Delete Registered Users
  • Download Users in Excel format
  • Change My Data
  • FAQ


Recruitment Module Features

  • Open requisitions
  • Create Vacancy in a Requisition
  • Open New Vacancy/Job Opportunity
  • Create project
  • Import or View Imported Resumes
  • Candidates
    • Send Message
    • Schedule Interview
    • scheduling
    • Submit Form
    • Add Candidate to a Job
  • Reports
  • Settings/Configs
  • Company careers pages
  • General Settings
  • Message Templates
  • Register Requisition Approval Flow
  • Register Organization Companies, Branches or Customers and Company Areas
  • Register Benefits and different Statuses to use in vacancies
  • Create Vacancy Cancellation Reasons
  • Create Templates with Steps to use in jobs
  • Create Forms with Questions to send to candidates and for interviewers or recruiters to answer
  • Register Holidays to disregard when calculating the SLA for vacancies
  • Create Channels and Groups to advertise vacancies
  • Create Job and Position Templates
  • Create Custom Fields to be inserted in vacancies and requisitions
  • Register Letter of Proposal and Contracts Template
  • Update List of Employees who can access the internal job portal
  • Create custom Hiring Types and Job Levels to be inserted into jobs and requisitions
  • Create custom Requisition Types and Reasons to be inserted into vacancies and requisitions
  • Add Transport Lines
  • Add Cost Centers
  • Add Work Schedules
  • Create Custom Fields to be populated in a candidate's profile in a vacancy


Admission Module Features

  • Add candidate
  • Submit candidate for Onboarding Process
  • Delete Candidate
  • Create or Edit Task Template
  • Create or Edit Admission Template


Video Interview Module Features

  • Create Interview
  • Filter by Status
  • See interview link
  • Interview Status
  • Deadline to Expire
  • View Guests
  • View Candidates with Full Interview
  • View Candidates With Pending Interview
  • Edit Recorded Interview Processes
    • Invite Participants
    • Edit Interview
    • Edit Questions
    • Delete
    • Watch Candidate Interviews


Videoconference Module Functionalities

  • Create New Video Conference
  • View Scheduled Video Conferences
  • Upload New Video

Technical Tests Module Features

  • Create New Quiz
  • See test link
  • Test Status
  • Test Category
  • Creation date
  • Number of candidates in the stage
  • View Candidates with Full Test
  • View Candidates With Pending Test
  • Edit Test
    • Edit Quiz
    • Edit Questions
    • Delete Quiz
    • View Candidate Tests
    • filter by threshold
  • Reports


Cultural Fit Module and Personality Tests Features

  • Personality Test
    • Edit Test
    • Invite Participants
    • View candidates' answer
  • View test link
  • View Guests
  • View Candidates with Full Test
  • View Candidates with Pending Test
  • Cultural Fit 
    • Edit Test
    • Invite Participants
    • View Candidate Responses
    • filter by threshold 


Psychometric Tests Module Features

  • See test link
  • View Guests
  • View Candidates with Full Test
  • View Candidates With Pending Test
  • Edit Test
  • Invite Participants
    • View Results

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